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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Sat 06 Aug 2005

Resistance is futile

Category : mac and the internet

Mac evangelists retrenched
After years of moaning about the ignorance of the masses, and evangelical wrestling matches with cost-sensitive gaming freaks, Mac evangelists have pretty much been retrenched by image and economics.

Pretty $1,800 iBooks are enticing the masses. All by themselves. Oh, maybe the OS has something to do with it, but not really.

Drinking with the Devil
After cooing over the hard white plastic, switchers pop the lid.

And then run IE.

Never mind that US-CERT suggests "Use a different web browser." A familiar landmark is comforting and they join the ranks of McDonald's-eating travellers.

Months later:

"Do you know you have Safari in there?" I ask carefully, not wanting to appear condescending.

"Heard of it," comes the glib reply, oblivious to the shattered pieces of my heart falling to the floor.

It's not just the swichers, mind you. A year after Safari's emergence, a mac user asked me innocently, "What is tabbed browsing?" Sob! I know its not turned on by default, but Et tu, Brute?

Can someone please teach them the secret handshake?
Typing away somewhere, I'd look up to see the mysterious smiles. One glowng Apple logo was all it look to have strangers smile secretly at each other - the joy of a recognising a fellow macaddict.

iBooks and Powerbooks are aplenty in NUS these days. But when I smile at these new mac users, souless eyes stare right back through me, and I shudder.

Life after the charge
The old battle scarred evangelists might think its time to fold under the onslaught of the masses.

But keep your battle gear on, there's still Firefox.

This is facetious and self-depreciating of course. It's just that Apple inched to 2.5% market share. And, the charge is somewhat sad.

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