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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Wed 21 Jan 2004

Bookit - sanity amidst the browser wars

Category : mac and the internet

I first started out on HTML web browsers in the early 90's, with NCSA Mosaic and shortly after, Netscape Navigator. Navigator was a superior product but in the late 90's, the revived Internet Explorer 5 reigned supreme, to the obvious chargrin of many. The "resistance" to Microsoft lost all hope after the ignominious collapse of the bloated Netscape 6 in 1998. Promises in the form of iCab, OmniWeb and Opera never really worked for me but they heralded of a better age to come.

By 2002, however, I was amazed - the open source ashes of Netscape gave rise to with Camino (originally Chimera) its champion. With internet banking (finally!) provided by Netscape 7, IE was beginning to lose its grip. But the faithful finally roared when Safari was unveiled in all its glory in January 2003. Only for many to unceremoniously dump it (did I say faithful?) a year later in favour of Firebird, another child of Mozilla.

CNEt revisited some of this in a series of articles on the 10th anniversary of Mosaic or read the more entertaining version at QuirksMode.

So we are spoiled for choice these days. However the browser wars meant no standard code, and many of us juggle between several browsers to render a page properly or to get a specific function to work. Last I read on me@n, they listed were nine graphic browsers! I myself use five. In the process, bookmarks added as I browse with different applications get scattered.

Happily I found a solution even in the days of OS 8.6: a US$12 shareware called Bookit. It supports Safari, Camino,iCab, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, OmniWeb and Opera.

I have been able to bookmark pages without a care as I browse, in any application. When run, Bookit gathers bookmarks from all browsers, and using one as a default, compares it against all the others. The "missing" bookmarks in the other browsers are listed for editing, adding or deletion. When I am done, the master list is used to update the bookmarks in all the browser applications with a click or two.

So despite not having had to open IE5.2 for over a year, its bookmarks have always been updated! And I even use it to synchronise my G4 desktop and iBook.

Shareware solutions simply amaze me!

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