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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Sat 24 Jul 2004

Chunky Monkey succumbs to the joys of Open Source

Category : mac and the internet

Chunky Monkey has succumbed to the joys of Firefox. She put up a lively battle but resistance was futile, particularly after she witnessed tabbed browsing.

Being the internet, blog-junkie that she is, she will probably discover more of the 101 things Mozilla can do. She has already discovered a gem I left for self-discovery - pop-up blocking! And she might appreciate a hint about adding search engines, something I learnt from novice Angeline which makes it a particular gem. And get clued in by Cheah Chu Yeow's Redemption in a blog.

Right now she's moaning about switching between two browsers, but its time to wise up. Some of us switch between 4 - 5 browsers - with keyboard commands shortcuts, its easy to fire up the right tool for the particular job.

I asked the group I talked to today, how many do not use IE. Only two raised their hands, both mac users, so it doesn't count. It's too tough a battle so I'll settle for just one effective person converting and leave the 1% of the population conversion to the idealistic, younger mac users.

With Chunky Monkey down for the count, my work here is done.

But waitaminute, there's also Thunderbird. Expect ver. 0.8 soon, and if you can't wait, nightly builds are here (I can hear Laurence cheering. There are even promises of RSS feeds next!

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