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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Tue 04 Oct 2005

Grooming Cats

Category : meow

I've always advocated keeping a pair of pets instead of just one. With cats, keeping a pair means they can spar/play-fight and stalk each other, especially at night, and that's a much better provision of behavioural enrichment that any of my feeble attempts at play.

In Cats and carpets, I talked about how I combed/groomed my boys, but the best groomer is another cat.

Here's a series of photos of Tiger and Mr Bats doing just that:

A couple of cats hanging out and grooming themselves.

Tiger licks Mr Bats.

Mr Bats licks Tiger.

"What along tongue you have!" It's sandpapery as well,
and can take skin off if he licks an arm in one spot persistently!
See Abbott, JM & MC Abbott, 2002. Determination of cat tongue length
using the "White Wine" method.

A sight for sore eyes! They groom themselves really well,
but there are many spots even an individual's long tongue
cannot reach. A fellow groomer is this invaluable help!

Tough spot to reach - underside of neck.

Tough spot to reach - side of face.

Mr Bats seems to be delivering the predatory killer bite of a carnivore, but its just grooming.
When Mr Bats grooms my arm, he's not sinking his teeth in but scraping the edge.

This session was a peaceful one, however. As it ends, Tiger looks a little plaintive;
and well he should with Mr Bats doing all the work.

All good things must come to an end. A very relaxed pair of cats.
Tiger certainly not at his dignified best here.

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