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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Sat 25 Nov 2006

A week with the Otterman

Category : travel

Aaron's in HK on a stopover, after a 14 hour flight from SFO. I spotted him on GMail and chatted with him. Aaron's some down to install the Herpnet server. Part of a process that started when I visited Berkeley in September 2005. As a result, Aaron gets to see Singapore - how nice!

Ladybug and I will get him at 5pm from Changi Airport. Then we dump his stuff at the hotel (Crown Hotel at Orchard - see streetdirectory) and grab a bite to eat.

To have him get a feel of things here, he'll join me as much as he can in my week.

  • Sunday - to introduce him to the Southeast Asian tropics, we'll walk from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah at 7am - the briskwalk route. We should reach the summit by 9am and then we'll breakfast at the usual place. I have a wedding to attend and will miss the confidential meeting scheduled but kakis are there so that will be fine.
  • Monday - I have two part-timers working on Herpnet and cataloguing a special mollusc collection. So he'll meet them as well as the staff and visitors who are around and suss out the collection and internet points. (I'd better sort out that fixed-IP address and choose a point later.) We'll go shopping for a server at Sim Lim late morning. Night - ust watch Charith's Sloth Bears on Animal Planet (must prepare Habitatnews post and email about that.)
  • Tuesday morning he has to give a talk, and I've decided to warm up the audience (I'll prepare for that talk on Sunday evening). It'll be nice for the audience to find out about how the zoological specimen database at the museum was setup and to learn from Aaron about the wonderful global collaborative tools that have emerged. And why you need a resident geek, not a pseudo-geek to be on the payroll. (Must invite LYP and Keith as well.) A mac meetup tonight? Or maybe Thursday.
  • Wednesday - I'll drag him along to the Geography seminar in the afternoon; George Jacobs, Louis Ng, Wilson Ang and myself are on a panel (must decide what to talk about, just 10 mins worth). In the evening there is a turtle seminar. (I need to arrange that and advertise the talk.)
  • Thursday afternoon I'll be on a site visit to Chek Jawa. If we get there earlier, we can cycle around the island a bit - PedalUbin-like.
  • Friday - we might have to dig up that Dugong if I am leaving for that trip. (Better go for a medical exam some time today). If the trip is on, then there might be a press release to fill in here somewhere.
  • Sat/Sunday - Sungeri Buloh Aniversary Walk briefing and event. If he is still around.

And there are a couple of interviews with MEWR and a kids paper to schedule, and with two new Toddycats. And then trip preparations. And the newsletter.

Hopefully Aaron has jetlag, and can work on the server settings at night. Afterall, he can sleep on the plane to Belgium and the next Herpnet workshop!

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