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Otterman speaks...

Cycling, macintosh, natural history and life in Singapore - Archives

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Sun 02 May 2004

American Secret Police

Category : world

If you thought some wars are clean, Russ Kick's site, the Memory Hole will disabuse you. (Russ Kick is editor of Everything you know is wrong).

Warnings had been ignored for some six months, but revelations have now been unveiled on CBS' 60 minutes 2, Monday's New Yorker and UK's Daily Mirror about physical abuse and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers at Al Ghraib and by British soldiers at Basra.

The New York Times interviewed General Karpinski who has been relieved of her command.

"...the special high-security cellblock at Abu Ghraib had been under the direct control of Army intelligence officers, not the reservists under her command. ...she suspected that they (reservists) were acting with the encouragement, if not at the direction, of military intelligence units that ran the special cellblock used for interrogation. ...C.I.A. employees often joined in the interrogations at the prison".

US military intelligence units? CIA? Heard of the Kempeitai in Singapore during World War II?

"Such actions as these were not calculated to win the hearts of the people. ...Resistance took the form of underground activities such as sabotage, espionage and assassination. This resistance was a serious problem ... and [the Japanese] admitted that it was difficult to solve." - Lee Ting Hui, 1956. Singapore under the Japanese, 1942-1945. Honours thesis, University of Malaya.

RAF navigator John Nichol who was shot down, captured and tortured at Abu Ghraib in 1991, says, "They are the images I thought I would never have to see again, sickening pictures of Iraqi prisoners, naked, tortured and humiliated. "

A British officer serving in Iraq said: "Everyone is disgusted and can hardly believe what these thugs have allegedly done. It is totally against the spirit of all that the British Army has done and is doing out here. They have disgraced their comrades, their regiment and country."

One of the soldiers who provided the photos to the Daily Mirror said,

"We had one who fought back. I thought 'Don't do that', it's the worst thing you can do. He got such a kicking. You could hear your mate's boots hitting this lad's spine.

One of the lads broke his wrist on a prisoner's head. Another nearly broke his foot, kicking him. We're not helping ourselves out here. We're never going to get the Iraqis on our side. We're fighting a losing war."

And from Adbel Barri-Atwan, editor of Arab newspaper Al Quds: "It's the best PR campaign possible for organisations such as al-Qaeda."

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