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Otterman speaks...

Sat 01 Dec 2007

Dawn Kua (CWSS) steps down

Category : meow

After "overstaying" 5 and a half years, a two year notification to the committee and lots of hints to blog readers in the past year, Dawn Kua has announced that she will back to being an (extra!-) ordinary member of the Cat Welfare Society of Singapore in 2008. Read her post.

She has been one of the caretakers of Singapore's soul all this while and I wish her well on her next journey. I will admit to having been prepared for this eventuality. The hints helped!

Her blog, Working with the Cat Welfare Society, is a personal blog that was prolifically maintained from Mar 2005 - Dec 2007. I once proposed a day-long blogging competition with her but gave up in the first hour! Some time ago, her charity was chosen by readers to receive's ad revenue and that was certainly an appropriate choice for the meta-blog! Recently I highlighted one sequence of events (which I need to update) that reflected the sort of tenacity and problem-solving effort required in some cases - see "Why Dawn rules."

Her blog content will still be available on the net. Since she is no longer working with CWSS, it will not be updated in 2008. The archived content will be a resource for various issues (e.g. TRNM, mediation). And it will stand as a testament to the stamina, strategy and graciousness of a very special lady.

Posted at 2:08AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Wed 28 Nov 2007

HSA Blood donation pages revamped

Category : life in Singapore

Discovered this just now...

Health Sciences Authority - What2019s Needed Now

There is now a clear URL for the "What's needed now?" page - a question I often ask when deciding between blood or plasma (my platelet count is too low so I needn't bother).

Donating blood means doing so once in three months, whereas plasma can be collected every month. The doctors on duty who check your pressure and interview you for fitness don't usually know, they get rotated in and out and probably don't read the HSA webpage. So just check before going down. I donate blood these days since I am O+ and no longer am traipsing in malaria-ridden forests.

Posted at 8:33AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Mon 26 Nov 2007

R. I. P. Dragon boaters

Category : life in Singapore

Stephen Loh (SAS, SAJC) and Chee Wei Cheng (SAJC) were from the St. Andrew's family, about a decade apart from each other; the alumni were informed today. I was wondering why Uncle Yee's SaintsDYK post said "they were Saints" instead of "they are Saints".

Stephen Loh switched from engineering to teach just six months ago. And Wei Cheng's former teacher reflects:

" Wei Cheng will ALWAYS be one of the sweethearts who will ask if I needed help (when he arrived) and after dinner, be also one of the first to help me clear the table and take out the trash. This kind of gentlemanly-ness is not to my credit at all. This is a reflection of wonderful home up-bringing and his personal awareness to be a gentleman."

May all the five lads rest in peace.

Jen wrote " Remembering, Trusting & Cherishing."

Posted at 5:34PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Thu 22 Nov 2007

Acid Search for Safari 3

Category : mac and the internet

The latest beta has been fairly stable for me in Tiger and Leopard with Safari 3 - OS X 10.4.11 has Safari 3 out of beta. Acid Search is a critical search tool that I sorely missed during all that lecture preparation this semester. Still, its back and I will be glad for it as a I prepare the new lectures and work on version 2.


Posted at 1:33AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Wed 21 Nov 2007

Best of friends, a crow and a kitten

Category : world

My oh my, they were young and didn't know any different!

Thanks to Victor Yue for the forward!

Posted at 4:06PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Wed 21 Nov 2007

Marina Mahathir talks at SMU: Youth, Internet & Democracy

Category : life in Singapore

It was lovely to see and hear her - I used to read Marina's column in The Star in the 90's and it helped that that Malaysian newspaper went online very early in the day, yup, before The Straits Times. When Marina started a blog last year it was a natural extension of her writing - hop over to read (her hard copy column is Musings).

There is loads to write about but since marking beckons, a quick note - she provided an overview of the political blogging scene in Malaysia which was enjoyable to listen. None of my online friends are really interested and at best might read political blogs or blogposts from our own country. I spent a significant amount of time in Malaysia in my youth visiting relatives every holiday and in later years spent a lot of time in natural areas an amongst biodiversity researchers and conservationists. Hence an inevitable interest in Malaysia.

Singapore Soka Association set a good tone for the session and i sat back and enjoyed her prose, wit and compassion. She's an optimist, and so are her readers - 60% of respondents feel they can make Malaysia a better place if they work hard.

Meanwhile in other news, there is an Open call for a bloggers meeting (see that Yawning Bread link): in lieu of news of a government-linked body embarking on a review of the regulatory framework over the internet, this is an effort to get ordinary bloggers and filmmakers who (will) post content online to get together and organise a submission by practitioners to relevant bodies. You have to do your homework before going for this closed door meeting.

Posted at 3:38PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Wed 21 Nov 2007

Why it's hard to travel anymore

Category : meow

Posted at 8:42AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Mon 19 Nov 2007

Testing a Wild Happenings widget for Habitatnews

Category : life in Singapore

Posted at 5:04AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Sat 17 Nov 2007

"Histories in the Making" workshop

Category : life in Singapore

Took a nice break by attending the The Past in the Present: Histories in the Making workshop. Very glad NAMOS did this.

Hid behind CAL who knows everyone. Met a couple of people whom I have only known of online and Winnie, who is just back this week from Down Under. And of course, a number of people from the singapore-heritage mailing list, who remember "Otterman."

The enthusiastic questioner from Nexus (and many other workshops and seminars) was here too.

I left before the last session as the aircon was too cold and I was about to start on a sneezing fit. DId leave feedback about raising the temperature. We should not feel the cold bite us when we enter the seminar from the museum lobby.

The many late nights (or rather early mornings) during the week means I usually catch up on sleep on Saturdays. I found myself struggling by early afternoon despite the interesting topics. I survived though but the mind-mapper next to me suddenly stopped mapping for about 10 minutes, heh-heh. She woke up revived though. There is something to be said about siestas!

Posted at 1:10PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

Sat 17 Nov 2007

Finished reading this week

Category : lit

Posted at 12:41PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | , .

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