Year-Round Coastal Cleanups in Singapore

Year-Round Coastal Cleanups in Singapore

[1] Join the NUS-NParks Marine Debris Sampling Programme

[2] Join a monthly cleanup led by Trash Hero or R.U.M. You can join NGOs and interest groups in Singapore which conduct free monthly cleanups:

  1. Public monthly cleanups with Trash Hero Singapore (free to join)
  2. Public monthly cleanups with the Restore Ubin Mangrove project (free to join); see their fb page too

[3] Have a cleanup organised for you, for a fee

[4] Organise your own cleanup Besides the annual International Coastal Cleanup Singapore in September, Organisers may want to organise cleanups at any other time of the year on their own. Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC) do not use the ICCS Data Card but please report the following for a gauge of the trash load at various sites year-round:

  1. total number of volunteers,
  2. the number of black trash bags used,
  3. the total weight and
  4. length of beach cleaned.
Send us this data with photos to help us raise awareness and to acknowledge these year-round efforts!

There are three types of beaches you can apply for:

  1. Recreational beach (register with PHC; 3 weeks notice)
    • East Coast Beach
    • Changi Beach
    • Pasir Ris Beach
    • Sembawang Beach (small site)
  2. Sites in nature parks (email NParks ; 3 weeks notice)
    • Pulau Ubin
    • Sungei Buloh
    • Coney Island
  3. Non-recreational State Land sites (apply through ICCS; 4 weeks notice)

Celebrate the occasion!
Time your cleanups to celebrate local and international environment occasions, such as:

We organise a few mangrove cleanups and these are open to the public. Anyone can join us, and to be kept informed, sign up with our mailing list, or follow us on this blog, twitter or Facebook page.